The Perfect Pillow

I am frequently asked by clients, ‘What is the best pillow to use?’. Having had many struggles with finding the ideal pillow over the years I can empathise with this. I have tried many pillows myself, some got one nights use before being banished to the attic. Others were great for a few months before losing their support and needed to be replaced. The difficulty with most pillows is there is no one size fits all. The main reason for this is that all spines are a little bit different. The objective is to keep the spine aligned to as close a neutral position as possible.  Too high a pillow or too low a pillow lead to issues. 

Two years ago after some online research I came across the Reflex Pillow. This was developed by Noel O’Connor, an Osteopath from Cork. Noel was having a similar struggle to myself and sought to find an ideal pillow. Noel set about developing the Reflex Pillow. Noel developed Reflex Foam for its construction. I was sceptical about this as having previously tried Memory Foam pillows, I hated them and found them much too hard. However, I was pleasantly surprised that Reflex Foam was softer yet very supportive. 

I have been using the Reflex Pillow for almost two years. It comes with me on nights away! Since using it I have had virtually minimal neck pain and headaches. Another big positive for me is that it is just as supportive as the day I got it. Previous pillows I used needed to be replaced every few months. 

We have been stocking the pillow and recommending it to clients over the last year. Virtually everyone that has purchased one has noticed marked improvements in their neck symptoms and sleep. If you have been struggling to find ‘The Perfect Pillow’ pop into us and see the Reflex Pillow in the flesh or read more about the pillow here

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