Help to get you back in the game. Effective treatment for sports injuries.

Every athlete knows injuries are part of the game, but prolonged suffering doesn’t have to be. Whether new and acute, or nagging chronic problems that impact performance, our goal is to identify the root source of the problems, and our team of Meath Chartered Physiotherapists bring years of training and experience to the task. Working with athletes at all skill levels, recreational to professional, we’ll develop a program to address injuries. Although the body compensates for the pain, sports injury at centre Clonee won’t heal themselves. Dysfunction can’t be allowed to become a way of life, because left untreated soft tissue adhesions and tightness invariably leads to joint stiffness and weakness.

Our four-step approach.

  1. A comprehensive examination and assessment to deliver an
    accurate diagnosis

  2. Creation of a treatment/rehab programme that is tailored to your
    injury, goals and sport

  3. Advice to prevent reinjury and recurrence

  4. Full-screening to return to the sport confidently.
    When more is needed, we can help. Chartered Physiotherapists are employed by the FAI, IRFU, GAA and other elite sporting organisations,
    and we work with top orthopaedic specialists, and can arrange
    referrals to physicians and surgeons.
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