Cranial – Skull release

Big Relief from Subtle Adjustments

The brain is the nervous system’s and body’s central processing unit. Composed of 22 bones connected by joints called sutures that expand with every breath we take.

Any impact or contact to the head or face can restrict movement and result in a painful condition. We test to assess for common dysfunctions, identify gentle corrections to bring everything back in balance, and achieve astounding results.

What the Cranium Impacts

Spine and pelvis
Extremities including shoulders, hips, knees and more
Dura Mater, the protective covering of the brain and spinal cord.
Fascia, connective tissue enveloping and surrounding every organ, muscle and vessel head-to-toes,
front-to-back and side-to side.
Cerebrospinal fluid vital for the health and proper function of the nervous system
Cranial Dysfunction Symptoms:
Ear and Eye pain
Facial twitching
Jaw Pain
Sinus Pain
Dizziness and Vertigo