Eliminate pain & restore normal movement. Scar tissue treatment helps both and improves appearance.

Scar tissue is the natural result of any physical injury or surgery. The scar that is created alters communication between the brain and the affected area of the body.

Long after the injury has healed and after recovery from surgery, the site of the trauma continues to send faulty information to the brain. The brain’s response typically is what creates pain or causes dysfunction in the muscles and joints. As an example, women after a C-Section, commonly complain of the inability to use their abdominals as they had before, or suffer chronic lower-back or hip pain. The good news is that they don’t have to endure this, because there is an approach that resolves these issues. After we identify and then clear the sources of the faulty information in and around the scar, relief can be almost instant. You’ll use the abdominal muscles again, and normal, pain-free movement is restored. We often use our Class IV laser also to also reduce thickening in scars and improve their appearance.

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