Back pain relief when you’re expecting. Treatment and guidance to manage common backache.

During pregnancy, back pain is all too common. As many as 50% of mothers-to-be will experience backpain from sacroiliac joint pain, symphasis pubis dysfunction, pelvic pain, sciatica and general back discomfort at some point during their pregnancy. We can help. This disabling condition not only interferes with normal life, it may prevent you from working and worst of all, deprive you of enjoying such a special time of life. Backache during pregnancy doesn’t have to be something you must accept and endure, it can be treated. Understanding the cause and guidance to manage it can be tremendously beneficial in relieving and reducing the pain. We won’t provide hands-on physiotherapy during the first trimester, but do urge you to call our Meath physiotherapists for help managing the condition.

We’re here to assist.

Post-partum we’re here to assist rehabilitation of weak muscle groups, commonly in the tummy and buttock regions, to return you to normal strength and function as quickly as possible. We’ll provide you advice and strategies for pain prevention,
improved posture, and help you be the best you can be as you care for your newborn. It’s common for women to note changes in their bodies during pregnancy that, after giving birth, may not revert to normal. In addition, they may also experience pain upon resuming exercise. Our approach can identify these issues and quickly resolve them, so you return doing what you love. .

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