About Planter Fasciitis

Breakthrough plantar fasciitis treatment get lasting relief with advanced shockwave therapy.

Two things are true about Plantar Fasciitis, one of the most common conditions we see and treat with great success. First, the pain is persistent and compromises your quality of life from first getting out of bed and plaguing many throughout the day. And second, for all the tricks and homemade remedies you may try, Plantar Fasciitis simply won’t heal itself and requires professional attention. If you’ve had it with foot rollers, stretching your calves, wearing runners, and more, there is a better approach and we’re here to help.

As always, we don’t simply treat symptoms, our objective is lasting relief, so we begin by looking for the root cause. You may feel it in your feet, but that pain often may be the result of core, hip or pelvic musculature issues. With the source of the problem identified, we attack it with state of the art technology, using high-intensity sound waves from our latest generation Shockwave Therapy device precisely directed to the affected tissue.

How we help.

The Plantar Fascia is what’s referred to as white tissue, known for its poor blood supply. As a result, planta fascia heals slowly and poorly on its own. Shockwave Therapy has been proven to significantly speed recovery for plantar fasciitis and tendon related problems.
The good news is that today there is real hope for longtime sufferers of plantar fasciitis. Our investment in what is truly the most advanced shockwave therapy equipment available anywhere, has proven to be nothing less than life-changing. This enables us to dramatically speed healing by achieving two critical objectives as until now wasn’t possible:
Dissolving calcium deposits around the affected tissue and neovascularization
Triggering new blood vessel formation in the tissue.
The result is a dramatic increase in the supply of fresh blood and that enables better, faster healing. It’s time to put an end to suffering and we’ll make it happen by combining the identification of the root cause of the problem, with advanced Shockwave Therapy to get you on the way to recovery.

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