Non-invasive movement therapy.

When we have a physical problem, the brain ‘adapts’ to pain with short-term workarounds. These short-term gains protect what hurts, but may place additional stress on other areas of the body that can become long-term problems. There can be a steep price paid from such sustained, altered biomechanics in the form of muscular dysfunction and even greater pain. We use Neurokinetic Therapy, NKT, to heal chronic pain by treating the root cause, not just by masking symptoms. First testing and assessing muscle and movement, we integrate different therapies and corrective exercise, aiming to heal the total body, not just parts of it. The goal is end to dysfunction and to ‘relearn’ and restore natural movement. The brain plays a major role in the process of reactivation. We focus on the cerebellum, the portion of the brain that governs motor control and function, to send new messages to your muscles and nerves, and restore a more balanced, relaxed and pain-free life.

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