Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

MUSCULOSKELETAL PHYSIOTHERAPY Long-term solutions alleviate pain and restore normal movement.


Our skilled and experienced Meath physiotherapists begin by looking past the symptoms you’re experiencing to understand your body and history. Because the body invariably compensates for dysfunction, in most instances where you hurt may not be the source of the problem. An assessment to identify the source of the problem is a critical component to achieve long-term results and prevent frustrating recurrences.

To accomplish this, we’ll conduct a thorough examination that not only begins with the area of primary discomfort. We ask that you wear, or bring with you, suitable clothing to make the examination process smooth and efficient.

Common causes of back pain.

There’s no single answer, but any combination of heavy lifting, bending, or twisting can be that final straw that damages muscles, ligaments or joints. The fact is that while chronic pain over a prolonged period may be the result of stressful impact of repetitive motions, at times back pain flares up with no apparent cause. In every situation, we’ll work to find the root cause and create a treatment regimen to prevent recurrences.


Comprehensive Examinations.

Your assessment will include a comprehensive explanation to understand your problem We’ll present you with clear treatment options and discuss a plan of attack. Treatment begins that day, on your initial visit. If physiotherapy isn’t advised, or further investigation is needed, we’ll recommend options or arrange referral.

Our services are available to our clients from Ratoath, Ashbourne, Dunboyne, Dunshaughlin and beyond.

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