Connect The Dots


The reason we manage to find the root cause of our client’s pains is because we always relate the problems to movements, habits and their history. Often one simple injury can trigger a series of compensations that spread throughout the body. How is your foot connected to your neck pain? How is your left hip connected to your right shoulder issue? How does your breathing patterns affect your calves. How are your daily movement habits contributing to your aches and pains?

Muscles don’t fire on their own, they fire in patterns or groups and in a particular sequence. It’s when these patterns and sequences get jumbled up and certain muscles in the group are not doing their job then others have to pick up the slack and get overworked causing pain and restricted movement. The painful area is most commonly not the problem area.

The good news is that using our approach, we can take the guess work out of what maybe causing the problem and actually test and correct these patterns quite quickly. This enables us to find that root cause and correct the pattern instead of just treating the symptomatic pain which is likely to return. Don’t guess, assess.