About Chronic Headaches

Relief for chronic headache sufferers treating the causes of headaches and migraines.

One of the most common, painful and thoroughly debilitating conditions of all is chronic headaches and migraines. We start by understanding what causes them, assess and diagnose each individual condition, and create a plan to manage the pain and get relief. Headaches can be caused by numerous factors but there is always a cause. These included reduced blood supply to the brain, referral from structures in the neck or dysfunction from the skull itself. Any of these or a combination of them and things quickly can go from bad to worse. There is a secondary, physiological cause of headaches and migraines. Misalignment of dysfunction of vertebra in the top of neck causes inflammation and tension of the joints and blood vessels at the base of the neck. When this occurs, pain is quickly signaled and transferred up into the skull.

How we help

Normal realignment and function of neck vertebrae can be accomplished by gentle, yet specific adjustments to neck and upper back. With normal alignment and function, tension is removed, and with it the corresponding headache and migraine symptoms reduced. Additionally, removing the tension reduces inflammation around joints, muscles and blood vessels, and with that decreased pain fibres are deactivated

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