About back Pain

Relief from recurring back pain – you don’t have to let it define your life.

The statistics tell the story – nearly 80% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. The cause can be from muscles, nerves, ligaments, discs and bones, and whether temporary or chronic, it impacts the very quality of our lives and our ability to function. We provide physio for lower back pain and diagnose the injury, control and manage the pain experienced with physio for back pain, and establish a course of action restoring normal movement and functionality as quickly as possible.

Common causes of back pain.

There’s no single answer, but any combination of heavy lifting, bending, or twisting can be that final straw that damages muscles, ligaments or joints. The fact is that while chronic pain over a prolonged period may be the result of stressful impact of repetitive motions, at times back pain flares up with no apparent cause. In every situation, we’ll work to find the root cause and create a treatment regimen to prevent recurrences.

Injuries that cause back pain.

Muscle Strain.

Fatigue and back pain from poor posture to lifting heavy loads.

Poor Posture.

Over time placing excessive load on
the spine.

Muscle Strain.

These joints connect each vertebra above and below, and can be sprained causing inflammation, pain and limiting movement.

Bulging Discs.

These spinal shock absorbers reduce stress, but are susceptible to sudden movements, postural stress, and are manifested inflammation and radiating pain, numbness from irritation of nearby spinal nerves.


Running from your lower back, down your thigh and calf to your foot, if the Sciatic nerve is compressed, debilitating lower back pain can radiate to the leg or buttock,” We are experts in providing physio for back pain and our approach…

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