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Movement for Back Pain

When back pain strikes it can often be one of the most upsetting and frightening pains that our patients have gone through. Many of our patients experienced back pain of a sudden, non-traumatic onset which either bites very suddenly and severely or they describe feeling a niggle, then stiff and wake up the next day […]


What is arthritis? Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that effects the joints in your body. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint stiffness and pain which typically worsens with age. Arthritis is a degenerative condition where the inflammation causes damage to occur within the joint, so trying to switch this process off as soon as […]

Tennis Elbow and I don’t even play!

What is “Tennis Elbow”? Tennis elbow, or the medical term “lateral epicondylitis” is a painful condition effecting the common tendon origin of the extensor muscles of the wrist and hand, causing pain where these muscles connect to the outer edge of the elbow joint. The issue usually arises when there is repeated overload of these […]

Strength training – The untapped pain reliever!

Exercise is an essential ingredient to living a healthy life along with good quality nutrition and lots of sleep. Many of us focus purely on achieving 10,000 steps a day without knowing why is this magic number so important. And is this the only number we should be looking at when it comes to exercise […]

The final marathon countdown! Some pointers for the final week.

So the final week has arrived. All those aches and pains, cramps and blisters will all come to a head on the 28th October. The countdown is on! So what should you do this week to help my performance on the day? Well there are a number of things that we would recommend to help […]

Are niggly knees adding misery to those marathon miles?

Anterior knee pain is a regular stone in the shoe of many of our runners, both seasoned and first time pavement pounders. With the marathon only weeks away don’t let those creaky hinges be the reason you don’t cross the finish line. Here are some simple tips to try out before the big day. The […]

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