Athletic Performance Enhancement

Pain Treatment Trusted for Centuries

Even high-performing athletes without pain inevitably will experience a neuromuscular dysfunction that limits their potential. Using basic muscle testing, we identify muscles and functions that have been limited, unlocking them so that they can be fully engaged and improved, and when this happens, athletes are amazed at the possibilities that are unleashed.

Often without even being aware of it, the body and brain compensate and work around limitations, rerouting focus to other muscles and areas. The simple fact is that top athletes are superior at compensating, not just competing. Unresolved, performance disappoints and pain with an overall loss of power, output may result. We call these power leaks.

Yet, with the ability to fully fire certain muscles identified as underperforming, athletes are given a true competitive advantage and can take their game to the next level. We use advanced therapeutic techniques to identify power leaks and their origins, and then correct them, quickly and painlessly.

Athletes can find the edge that was missing, get more performance from a greater sense of strength, elimination of dysfunction, greater comfort and confidence, and with a body that’s in greater harmony be less susceptible to injury.