Ratoath Physiotherapy

We see a smarter, holistic approach to sustainable health and wellness.

Integrated therapies go beyond muscles, joints and bones. For decades, as a patient and a practitioner, I experienced first-hand the good, the bad and the frustrating of treatment from a wide variety of different therapists. It fuelled an ongoing quest to unlock the body’s secrets and the interdependencies of both the brain and nervous system that govern it, to enhance conventional physiotherapy clinic in Dunboyne with functional neurology.

Three things that distinguish our approach.

First, we don’t believe there is any one, single right way to treat unique conditions. We’re inclusive and holistic; our promise is more about you, less about us, and all about crafting unique treatment paths for your individual challenges. We use traditional physiotherapy but may also add innovative techniques including shockwave, deep tissue laser therapies, the ancient art of acupuncture and more.

Second, as every injury or trauma we experience leaves its mark on our nervous systems.

Functional neurology enables us to look beyond
muscles, and joints. and ligaments and bones, to
understand how the body experiences, signals, and
works around pain. Discovering pain’s source and
trigger, helps to understand how the body can both
help and hinder the healing process, as well as the role
that emotions play.

And finally, understanding how the body compensates, working around injuries by creating a new normal, that’s not normal at all.

Understanding this allows us to focus on testing to understand the body’s compensation strategy, and then to overcome it, reverse it, and achieve results in days, not weeks, in muscles, joints, and ligaments, but also cardio- vascular systems and overall emotional health.

The result is more effective treatment

There is no one-size-fits-all therapy, and we deliver better, sustainable results, faster with unique treatment plans, not a one-dimensional approach. Looking at the whole body and the whole person, and creating an approach tailored for the individual. Designed to relieve pain, and guide swift recovery, because our goal is always more effective treatment, not perpetual treatment, finding real solutions that go far beyond treating symptoms.

It’s the Ratoath Physiotherapy promise, and we look forward to meeting you.


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